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Benjamin McKinney

Benjamin McKinney

The rate at which foreign investment into the UK is creating new jobs is slowing as Britain heads towards the exit door of the EU, Government figures show.

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TPP, Asia turns to RCEP

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election, Asia Pacific states are turning their focus to the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), longed viewed as a rival deal to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

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Supplementary Courses

Understanding how international trade works is one aspect, but actually placing the practical steps from theory into a functional business is another step so apart from our growing range of finance and economics courses we have added a host of supplementary courses to enhance your learning and knowledge within the field of international trade.

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Economics Courses

As a business economist student of the CRT you’ll make decisions that count. A new product launch, a venture into overseas markets, the introduction of innovative technology, all benefit from the skills, vision and analytical thinking of the economist. Understanding the theory behind how economics works makes the world of difference within international trade.

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Principles of Regulation

The CRT will always consider the principles of good regulation when carrying out our work. In accordance, regulated businesses, organizations and individuals must adhere to the CRT principles for businesses, which are their fundamental obligations as set out in our governing constitution and policy.

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Competition Policy

The CRT have powers via our NSB's in partnering countries to enforce competition law in relation to the provision of international trade operations by businesses, organizations and individuals.

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In order to ensure clarity and cohesion in relation to monitoring the CRT focuses on a market-based approach to supervising businesses, organizations and individuals.

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The CRT will accredit businesses, organizations and individuals, representing ourselves as the gateway for businesses, organizations and individuals who want to operate within the international trade market. 

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CRT Accreditation Academy

Accreditation with the CRT is key to showing competency in the fields of trade. You will have the opportunity to develop your competency by completing the two mandatory international trade courses in addition to benefiting from should you choose the optional industry and supplementary courses on offer.

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The Corporate Business

cs corporateEnsuring corporate development after key analysis of your operations in relation to planning and execution of strategies to meet corporate organizational objectives are part of how we help. The kinds of activities falling under our support remit of advice and service may include assistance and advice into management team recruitment, phasing in or out of markets or products, arranging strategic alliances through our broad network, identifying and acquiring companies (M&A), securing corporate financing and more.

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