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Economics Courses

As a business economist student of the CRT you’ll make decisions that count. A new product launch, a venture into overseas markets, the introduction of innovative technology, all benefit from the skills, vision and analytical thinking of the economist. Understanding the theory behind how economics works makes the world of difference within international trade.

The CRT understands the importance of economics within international trade, as a member with our courses we nurture bold, forward-thinking economists who can bring strategy, efficiency and change to any organisation, whether it’s an international business, a government department or a charity.

You’ll apply latest economic theory to solve real problems for real businesses. You’ll harness up-to-the-minute data and analytical tools using one of our 6 academic training programs. You’ll be challenged by the nature of how interlinked international trade and economics co-exist and make a difference to your business model.

The CRT will be periodically adding new courses and modules to the academy and currently offer a range of 6 economics courses:

* Economics Principles

* Macroeconomics principles

* Microeconomics principles

* Managerial economics principles

* Policy & Theory of International Economics

* Theory and practical applications of economic

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