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Supplementary Courses

Understanding how international trade works is one aspect, but actually placing the practical steps from theory into a functional business is another step so apart from our growing range of finance and economics courses we have added a host of supplementary courses to enhance your learning and knowledge within the field of international trade.

Our growing range of supplementary courses are designed for academics and principle business owners and traders alike to enhance knowledge to enable you to make a difference when it comes to understanding how international business can make a difference in the real business world.

Our courses are academic in nature and can be completed at your own pace on a module by module basis.
We currently have 10 courses available:

* English for Business

* Enterprise and Individual Risk Management

* Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

* Governing Corporations

* Legal Aspects of Commercial Transactions

* Management Principles

* Marketing Principles

* Online Marketing Essentials

* Public Relations

* Sustainable Business Cases

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