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How the CRT works

How the CRT works

Written By: Benjamin McKinney | Published: August-18-2016 | Category: FEATURED
Tagged Under: CRT News

When anyone asks us what exactly the CRT is and how do we work, the answer is pretty straight forward, we are here to provide a system to ensure individual traders within international business are provided with all the tools they require t...

The CRT is a globally positioned regulatory body servicing the world of international trade & business ensuring a secure professional business conductive envir...

Our NGO role

Our NGO role

Written By: Charlotte Jensen | Published: August-18-2016 | Category: FEATURED
Tagged Under: CRT News

The CRT as a non-governmental organization (NGO) we are in a powerful position to leverage ourselves as an independent organisation impartial and not bound to the regulations of other groups. ...

We do however stress that we adhere strictly to internationally recognized methods when it comes to international business development and trade around the world,...



Written By: Christopher Lawson | Published: August-19-2016 | Category: FEATURED
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The main purpose of the CRT's evaluation function is to promote learning and accountability. In line with our CRT Evaluation Policy and following guidlines of internationally recognized evaluation-related standards, guidelines and good prac...

The CRT evaluation division aims to provide objective and independent assessments of the CRT's performance regarding to achieving the strategic objectives of the C...

CRT Structure

The CRT structure is designed to make life simple for those involved within our organisation which in turn makes it easier for other partner organisations to communi...

CRT Trust Fund

The Consultative Committee of the Commission Trust Fund (CCCTF) reviews the use of funds made available through the Commission Trust Fund in consultation with the CR...

Education and Accreditation

Accreditation through our education programme is perhaps the single most important area of the CRT's work. Providing individuals the knowledge, tools and professiona...

Trade & Market Intelligence

Businesses now operate in a world in which information is more readily and publicly available than ever before. ...

Positive Environments

We understand how policy and regulatory choices have a significant impact on SME competitiveness and play a crucial role in determining whether SMEs are able to link...

CRT News

Trump planning trade measures against China

Trump planning trade measures against China

Written By: Christopher Lawson | Published: August-03-2017 | Category: TRADE NEWS
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The Trump administration is reportedly preparing trade measures against China, including a crackdown on intellectual property thef...

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