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It is vital that businesses, organizations and individuals actively participating within international trade run their operations in the best interests of their clients and uphold the integrity of the international trade industry. As the CRT we are responsible for accrediting, supervising and taking action where needed against businesses, organizations and individuals who undertake international trade services activities.

Businesses, organizations or individuals offering these ‘regulated activities’ have to be accredited or registered by CRT, unless they are specifically exempt under our special rules directive.

Meeting our requirements

Applicants have to meet a range of requirements for registration before we allow them to make use of our facilities and openly operate within the market. We review their business plans, methods for business, resources, systems, controls and whether key staff have the necessary knowledge qualifications, experience and ability to carry out their roles effectively. They must meet these requirements before we will accredit or register them. All applicants must meet our basic requirements and complete our mandatory international trade training package, and any optional additional industry related material which will enhance their business operations

Getting accredited

If you want to see if yourself, your business or organization should be accredited or registered, what forms you will need to supply and what fees you will have to pay, see our accreditation pages on the authorization process.

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