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Charlotte Jensen

Charlotte Jensen

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China opens $9tn bond market

A long-awaited scheme enabling foreign investors to buy and sell Chinese bonds has been launched.

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Finance Courses

Financial literacy is crucial in today’s business world. From the basics of stocks and short selling to currency exchange and managing your personal finance debts, our online finance courses from the CRT Academy will help you learn finance in an online.

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Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are our bread and butter and at CRT media we’ve been making them work for years.

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Training Videos

At CRT media we’ll take the time to understand your particular business needs and establish the key aspects you want presented in your training video. At every stage of development and production, CRT media will involve you, and inspire you, to ensure that the finished piece of work is faithful to your organisation’s key values, and exceeds your expectations.

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Events Videos

We know what it’s like. You’ve poured hour and hours of time, resources, energy and effort into sculpting your perfect event. You’ve thought of everything and planned every last detail. There’s nothing left to chance. Every moment is accounted for. It’s going to be amazing… too amazing to just let it go afterwards.

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Corporate Videos

In today’s global marketplace there’s no better way to connect with your staff and your client base than with corporate video.

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Video Marketing

If you’ve made a thoughtful, creative and inspiring video then well done – you’re half way there. Even the best videos are ineffective if the right people don’t get to see them. That’s why proper video marketing isn’t just advisable, it’s essential!

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Creative Video Services

Forget about dramatic camera angles or exciting music – a good idea is what makes a video great, memorable and effective.

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Post Production

Adjusting, completing and perfecting your video.

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Location Filming

An important part of your video is where it’s shot – whether it’s at your headquarters or on a remote cliff face, every location has its own set of challenges.

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