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Charlotte Jensen

Charlotte Jensen

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Video Production

We can take care of your video for you from start to finish – and beyond. We’ll work closely with you at every step to make sure you get what you want, and offer expert advice to make sure you get what you need.

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CRT Marketing

We here at the CRT take your business and its development seriously. We want to give you every opportunity to truly develop into new markets. Using digital & print media we are able to provide you these options to truly help you compete and succeed in an ever interconnected global market place.

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Questions for US Customs

What you should know before importing goods into the United States ? If you are new in importing I am sure you have many questions to ask. I listed below more essential questions ‎you should be asking to US Customs. ‎Import specialist can provide you specific details of the product you are importing.

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New Canal Project in Turkey

When we look to the sea for freight shipments, we see that the waters and their paths which are a very important tool for shipping. It is important for the shipping lines to get the containers as quickly as possible to the final destination port.

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More Export Containers

Someone who may not be aware of exactly what is driving US container exports, but a rise in oil prices as the answer may raise a question.

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China's effect on global prices

Globalization has been the driving force of developing countries for the last decade or so, and trade from these countries flourished as a consequence of China’s close to double digit growth numbers.

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Packaging Modules

Below are a list of our modules in relation to packaging which may benefit your training and development.

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Supply Chain Management

The challenges related to globalization, the environment and technology, among others, have a direct impact on how successfully enterprises can manage their supply chains.

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Export Management

In order to become competitive within global export markets, it is essential for any business to have access to all the resources that can assist with improving knowledge, skills and export management readiness.The CRT Export Management Development team will offer training and advisory services to businesses with a firm ambition to export. Our trainers will be available to support exporters, as well as export advisors.

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CRT Global Services

CRT’s Global Services Network connects trade in services stakeholders around the world and disseminates vital trade in services intelligence.

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